About SavoryAndSpice

Born in Feb 2011 out of pure longing to catalogue the meals I cook for my family.

This then grew to sending the recipes to friends and family.

Then the list grew further via tweets and social media sites, to articles about life.

I am Tree Chirico. My motto:

To live your dream is the best advice I can give. My dream? To eventually be involved in all that will make us HAPPY. Whether that is FOOD, SOUL, STYLE,  TRAVEL, COACHING the “bucket” list goes on.

My father in law always said, “life is but a dream”.   So, dream BIG and go for it!

I am happily married with two wonderful boys who are my everything!

At SAVORYANDSPICE,  Family is everything.  So buckle up and enjoy the ride with us!

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From my house to yours, HappyEATs! HappyREADINg! HappyLIFe! HappyTravels! HappyLinks! HappyYOU!

Thank YOU!

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