Super Moon, July 12, 2014

SuperMoon on July 12, 2014
SuperMoon on July 12, 2014

The SuperMoon comes out 5 times this year.  I so happen to be lucky enough to carry my canon, and here is what I captured.

Tonight was so beautiful, low humidity with a steady breeze.  I did not hear the coyotes howling, nor did I hear the frogs croaking but what I did experience was absolute silence, tranquility, peace.

I love nights and days like these where there is no care in the world.  Where I am one with nature and where I can just look up at the heavens and say Thank U for all the wonderful blessings.

We all need that silence.  To let life just move the way it is meant to be.

It was a great night just to be me.

haPpyLIFe! HapPyYoU!


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