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I saw a medium sometime in the fall of 2013.  A medium is the bridge between the living and those who have passed on.  They are able to communicate with the spirit world.  This medium, mentioned that she is being told that there is a nun around me.  True enough, I do have a wonderful nun in my family who is alive and retired.

The nun, is my aunt whom I call Tita Madre; madre means nun in Filipino or mother in spanish.  She is my dad’s sister and it was my late grandmother who validated that she was around by mentioning Tita Madre.  My grandmother told the medium that Tita Madre is no ordinary nun.  She was very proud of her.  Yes, Tita Madre is special.  She was the first Filipina superior general at the ICM in the Vatican.  The medium told me that I need to bottle up Tita Madre’s stories and that I needed to see her.  Coincidentally, I was scheduled to leave for the Philippines for the Christmas holiday and already planned to see her.

Tita Madre is a percipient lady. We had a long conversation this Christmas but one of the most profound discussions we had is about our blessings, which she broke it down simply.

The average breath for a healthy adult is 18 per minute;

that is 1,080 per hour;

Or 25,920 breaths per day.

Let’s further expand this and say, let’s be thankful for another year or 9,460,800 breaths.  Isn’t that profound?

In 2014 I wish you all a lot more Love, Light, Laughter, Happiness and 9,460,800 breaths!


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